Sport and international funds

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Minister Sportu i Turystyki na mównicy

Minister of Sport and Tourism Witold Bańka opened a two-day international conference entitled Sport financing from international funds, organized by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism.

Sport is an important area of public policy. It strongly influences the economy, people’s health and quality of life. Therefore, I am pleased that initiatives related to sport find sources of funding not only within national budgets, but also at the international level. For the first time in the history of European Union educational programmes, support is provided to sport-related initiatives. The seven-year budget of the Erasmus+ Programme amounts to 14.7 billion euro, of which 265 million euro is allocated to Erasmus+ Sport, said Minister of Sport and Tourism Witold Bańka who opened today's conference.

The event, held at the National Stadium PGE Narodowy, is addressed primarily to institutions and organizations which implement activities supporting the development of sport. Experts from across Europe will share their knowledge and experience. The meeting aims to present the possibilities of sports projects funding from international funding sources such as the Visegrad Fund and the European Commission Programme Erasmus+, and to present the results of the latest research projects examining the financial influence of sport on the development of regional and national economy.

An important project funded under Erasmus+ is the European Week of Sport whose second edition was held this year from 10 to 17 September 2016. The European Week of Sport promotes sport and physical activity, and the Ministry of Sport and Tourism is the project coordinator in Poland. It should be noted that this September’s European Week of Sport was attended by about 150 000 persons. Each of the events was presented at to become a part of the pan-European project. The third edition of the European Week of Sport is planned to be held at the end of September 2017 (23 - 30 September 2017).

However, it is not only large-scale European projects that play an important role in promoting physical activity. Initiatives at the local level play an equal, if not greater role in this field.

One of the examples is the CLUB Programme of direct support to small and medium-sized sports clubs. Under the programme, 24 million zł was allocated to support 2151 such clubs throughout the country. Starting from the new year, support will also be provided to extracurricular sports activities at schools, within the well-known School Sports Club formula, emphasized Minister Bańka.

The two-day international conference Sport financing from international funds will be attended by over 160 representatives of the sports community including Polish sports associations, other sports organisations, sports clubs, the Polish Olympic and Paralympic Committees, local governments, foundations and associations, educational institutions and representatives of the Social Council on Sport, working at the Ministry of Sport and Tourism.


On 31 January 2017, the European Commission and the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency will organize an Info Day on the Erasmus+ Sport programme. Participation in the Info Day is free of charge and requires registration at the EC website. In 2017, the European Commission will open only one call for proposals under the Erasmus+ Sport Programme, which will take place on 6 April. All interested institutions and organizations should submit their applications on-line directly to the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) in Brussels.

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