Press conference to summarize the past 100 days of work of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism

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On Friday at 10:30 a press conference was held at the Ministry of Sport and Tourism with Minister Witold Bańka who summed up the past 100 days of the Ministry’s work. Other senior officials present at the conference included Mr Ryszard Szuster, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry, Ms Alicja Omięcka, the Ministry’s Director General and Mr Cezary Jurkiewicz, Director of the National Sports Training Centre.

The meeting covered the following key topics:

  • The “CLUB” PROGRAMME of direct support to local sports communities. Already in the first year of its implementation, the programme received from the Ministry an allocation of 15 million zł, a record amount granted to grassroots sport under the Physical Culture Development Fund. The money will be used to provide support to over one thousand local sports clubs.
  • FINANCIAL LIQUIDITY – the 2016 allocation to Polish sports associations for the national teams’ preparations for the Olympic Games, which amounted to nearly 100 million zł, was transferred to the clubs at the earliest date ever. The allocation, including nearly 20 million zł for team sports, was the highest in the last seven years.
  • YOUTH SPORTS TRAINING – the 2016 annual allocation to youth sports under the Physical Culture Development Fund was made available to the beneficiaries at the earliest date ever. The allocation amounted to nearly 100 million zł, including about 60 million zł for summer Olympic sports, 8 million zł for winter Olympic sports and 35 million zł for team sports.
  • SPORT FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES – the funding was increased from slightly over 5 million zł in 2015 to over 8 million zł this year. The funds will be used for athletes’ preparations to participate in the Paralympic Games, Deaflympics, European Championships and World Championships in 2016.
  • THE NATIONAL TALENT DATABASE – at all schools in the country, standardized fitness tests will be held in order to determine the actual level of physical fitness of Polish children and youth. The test results will be used to identify young sports talents who will have the chance to take part in professional sports training programmes.
  • The AGREEMENT with the Tatra Mountains National Park – the National Sports Training Centre and the park have signed a 20-year lease agreement for the land under the Wielka Krokiew and Średnia Krokiew ski jumping hills. This makes it possible to reconstruct the hills in order to be homologated by FIS, and to extend and modernize the sports facilities in Zakopane.