Polish Paralympic athletes - the tenth best in the world

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At this year’s Paralympic Games, the Polish team members won 39 medals – three more than at the London Games! Poland came tenth in terms of the total number of medals. This means that the target adopted for the Rio de Janeiro games has been achieved: our Paralympic athletes won 9 gold, 18 silver and 12 bronze medals. They also won the fourth place in 19 events. The Polish national team competing in Brazil consisted of 90 athletes. – The Games were very successful for us, and they could even have been better. In many cases, we simply had no luck - said Łukasz Szeliga, president of the Polish Paralympic Committee in an interview for the PAP Polish Press Agency. The Polish team members also broke three world records, three European records, one Paralympic record, Poland’s national record in swimming and a number of personal records.

- The money prizes will be increased this year, and for Paralympic athletes they will be the same as for Olympic athletes - announced Minister Witold Bańka some time ago. The prize for a gold medal will amount to 64 400 zł, for a silver one - 46 000 zł, and for a brown one - 36 800 zł.

The largest number of medals, 239, was won by China. The United Kingdom with 147 medals came second in the ranking, and Ukraine came third with 117 medals.

The Polish medallists at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (by name, medal, sport and, if necessary, disability class):

  • Robert Jachimowicz - silver medal (athletics, men’s discus throw)
  • Bartosz Tyszkowski - silver medal (athletics, men’s shot put)
  • Wojciech Makowski - silver medal (swimming, men's 100 m backstroke)
  • Ewa Durska - gold medal (athletics, women’s shot put)
  • Michał Derus - silver medal (athletics, men’s 100 m)
  • Krystyna Siemieniecka - silver medal (table tennis, women’s singles)
  • Alicja Fiodorow - silver medal (athletics, women’s 100 m)
  • Anna Trener-Wierciak - bronze medal (athletics, women’s long jump)
  • Adrian Castro - bronze medal (wheelchair fencing, men’s individual sabre)
  • Oliwia Jabłońska - bronze medal (swimming, women’s 100 m butterfly)
  • Patryk Chojnowski - silver medal (table tennis, men’s singles, class 10)
  • Maciej Lepiato - gold medal (athletics, men’s high jump - T44)
  • Daniel Pek - silver medal (athletics, men’s 1500 m - T20)
  • Piotr Grudzień - bronze medal (table tennis, men’s singles - class 8)
  • Maciej Sochal - gold medal (athletics, men’s club throw - F32)
  • Katarzyna Piekart - bronze medal (athletics, women’s javelin throw - F46)
  • Rafał Czuper - silver medal (table tennis, men’s singles - class 2)
  • Karolina Pęk  bronze medal (table tennis, women’s singles - class 9)
  • Barbara Niewiedział - bronze medal (athletics, women’s 400m - T20)
  • Natalia Partyka - gold medal (table tennis, women’s singles - class 10)
  • Anna Harkowska - silver medal (road cycling, women’s time trial - C5)
  • Rafał Wilk - gold medal (road cycling, men’s time trial - H4)
  • Marzena Zięba - silver medal (powerlifting, women’s +86 kg)
  • Lucyna Kornobys - silver medal (athletics, women’s shot put - F34)
  • Kamila Kubas - bronze medal (canoe sprint, women’s KL1)
  • Jakub Tokarz - gold medal (canoe sprint, men’s KL1)
  • Karolina Kucharczyk - silver medal (athletics, women’s long jump - T20)
  • Rafal Wilk - silver medal (road cycling, men’s road race - H4)
  • Michał Nalewajek, Dariusz Pender, Kamil Rząsa - bronze medal (wheelchair fencing, men’s epee team)
  • Milena Olszewska - bronze medal (archery, women’s individual recurve)
  • Barbara Niewiedział - gold medal (athletics, women’s 1500 m - T20)
  • Alicja Fiodorow - silver medal (athletics, women’s 200m - T47)
  • Lech Stoltman - bronze medal (athletics, men’s shot put - F55)
  • Dariusz Pender, Michal Nalewajek and Jacek Gaworski - silver medal (wheelchair fencing, men’s foil team)
  • Anna Harkowska - silver medal (road cycling, women’s individual pursuit - C5)
  • Janusz Rokicki - silver medal (athletics, men’s shot put - F57)
  • Natalia Partyka, Karolina Pęk and Katarzyna Marszał - gold medal (table tennis, women’s team – class C6-10)
  • Iwona Podkościelna and Aleksandra Tecław - gold medal (road cycling, women’s road race - class B)
  • Patryk Chojnowski, Piotr Grudzień and Marcin Skrzynecki - bronze medal (table tennis, men’s team)

Congratulations to all the athletes, and thank you for the great emotions!